Gotraceui v0.4.0 release notes

Released on January 9, 2024

This release includes the following changes:

  • Require Go 1.21 for building Gotraceui
  • All tables now have resizable and sortable columns
  • Added flame graphs
  • Links to timelines and spans now default to opening information
  • Links that open things and links that navigate use different colors (red and blue, respectively)
  • Clicking on spans in GC and STW timelines no longer crashes
  • Hovering table rows highlights them
  • When hovering timestamp links, their targets will be indicated in the timelines view
  • Spans have a new context menu item, to open their span information
  • Switch to a tabbed user interface instead of using multiple windows
  • Added a Goroutines tab that lists all goroutines in the trace
  • Panels can be converted into tabs
  • Added context menu to goroutine labels in timelines view
  • No longer create empty GC or STW timelines
  • Merged spans now display a detailed representation of the contained spans
  • Fixed a rare crash at startup
  • Fixed a rare crash for some traces
  • Handle DPI changes while Gotraceui is running
  • Display user-friendly strings instead of <unknown> for unknown timestamps
  • Hovered and highlighted spans are now indicated with a gradient instead of the border color
  • Span borders more accurately show if the span’s beginning or end are outside the visible area
  • Merged spans no longer stop at the screen boundaries
  • Lowered peak memory usage
  • “active” spans in goroutine timelines now have a label
  • Improved rendering of graphs with many points