Gotraceui v0.2.0 release notes

Released on April 11, 2023

This release includes the following changes:

  • Added a button for copying statistics as CSV
  • Added context menu to links to processors
  • Added a list of spans to the span panel for merged spans
  • Added display of span tags in span panel
  • Added a dialog for highlighting spans based on their states
  • Automatically turn off the memory graph’s “auto-extents” feature when manually resetting the extents
  • Syscall spans now include the syscall’s name in the span label
  • Toggling compact mode now keeps the timeline under the cursor at its position
  • Disabling stack tracks or compact mode ensures the cursor stays on the current timeline
  • Improved the formatting of durations in statistics
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed the display of the ⌘ sign in shortcuts
  • Fixed displaying context menus in additional windows
  • Fixed crash when clicking on link to processor
  • The checkboxes for filtering event lists now wrap to multiple lines if necessary
  • Minor improvements to the manual