Gotraceui v0.3.0 release notes

Released on August 7, 2023

This release includes the following changes:

  • Added support for traces produced by Go 1.21
  • Improved the formatting of durations in statistics
  • Made minor improvements to visual appearance
  • Replaced foldables with a tabbed interface
  • Allow selecting and copying stack traces
  • Added list of spans to goroutine panel
  • Added parent goroutine to goroutine panel
  • Added statistics to spans panel
  • Added individual spans’ stack traces in spans panel
  • Added function panel
  • Navigating to timestamps now places them at the configured axis origin
  • Fixed ctrl+scroll zooming on Windows
  • Fixed a crash when loading traces that start in the middle of a task
  • Truncate long span labels instead of hiding them
  • Added a button to select all instances of a user region
  • Added histograms
  • Stop-the-world spans now display the reason for the STW
  • Made various performance improvements
  • Drastically lowered memory usage for traces with a lot of deep call stacks
  • Holding shift while scrolling vertically will cause horizontal scrolling, and vice versa
  • The info panel of user regions now displays events that occurred on the goroutine during said regions
  • Improved accuracy of computation of durations of merged spans
  • Added more features to the context menu of span links
  • Expensive computations, such as creating goroutine statistics, now run in the background and no longer prevent the UI from updating.