A screenshot of Gotraceui

Gotraceui is an efficient and intuitive program for working with Go execution traces.



Execution traces can contain millions of events and goroutines. One of our design goals is to be able to display all data at once, in real time.


Gotraceui has been written specifically for Go’s execution traces. Compared to more general frontends such as Perfetto, Gotraceui understands the unique relationships between goroutines, the Go runtime, garbage collection, etc. It provides intelligent search, navigation, filtering, and analysis.


Gotraceui is open source, licensed under the MIT license. Its development is made possible by generous sponsors.

Manual included

We include a beautifully typeset and exhaustive manual that not only explains all of the features of Gotraceui, but also explains the Go runtime and how its behavior is reflected in execution traces.


We officially support Linux, macOS and Windows.

A large roadmap

We have a long list of planned features for Gotraceui. We aim to make working with execution traces as effortless and powerful as possible.


Nixpkgs, and thus NixOS, include Gotraceui. The stable channel 23.11 contains version 0.3.0, while the unstable channel contains the latest released version (within reason, as it takes some time to update Nixpkgs after a new release of Gotraceui.)

An unofficial, third-party Flatpak exists at https://github.com/hdonnay/co.honnef.Gotraceui. We’re not in control of it and you’d be installing it at your own risk. The last time we looked at it (at commit ecf252fd56ce02071c7eb829de81726a0df98d51), it seemed safe.

If your distribution of choice doesn’t package Gotraceui yet you will have to build it yourself. Please consult the install instructions of Gio for the various build-time dependencies. After installing those, Gotraceui can be installed with

go install honnef.co/go/gotraceui/cmd/gotraceui@latest

We’re working on having more distributions package Gotraceui.

The only external dependency on macOS is XCode and Gotraceui can be installed with

go install honnef.co/go/gotraceui/cmd/gotraceui@latest

Gotraceui has no external dependencies on Windows and can easily be installed with

go install honnef.co/go/gotraceui/cmd/gotraceui@latest